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17 Jul 2013
Cheers northerners!

Cheers northerners!

I stole my sisters boyfriend, it was all whirlwind and flash, within a week we killed our parents and hit the road.

Not entirely, but our winter retreat into to the great warm half of emu country did feel pretty darn wild and awesome. We met some incredible people, caught up with famous and fabulous old friends and pretty much had the time of our lives. Gosh touring is tough sometimes. Thanks to the wonderful crew at Gullivers Kununurra, El Questro and Darwin Ski Club. 

In further good news, we are playing a special band show in Melbourne on Sunday 28th of July at the Edinburgh Castle. It's going to be a ripper show!! Our last for the year.  That alone is reason to celebrate...

Love CF xo

05 Jun 2013
Winter 2013

Winter 2013

An open letter to our amazing fans,


we are saddened to announce we have played our final Melbourne duo performance.  It's been an incredible journey for Jodie and I since we first met way back in 2002 in Malaga (a dodgy industrial suburb north of Perth)

when Jodie auditioned for Glenn's previous band Showbag. The subsequent eleven years

has been quite a joyride (to quote Roxette)

with so many incredible highlights,

too numerous to mention and so many people

to thank for supporting us as we travelled our show incessantly throughout Australia, Europe and Asia.  Special thanks go out to the incredible and giving Stewart Mullin and the Mullin family for inspiring us to undertake our first tour of Denmark in 2006. To David Laming and the Laming family for making us so welcome in Sydney and singelhandedly curating about a thousand fans for us over the years! To Lars Wallin and the Uddevalla crew for being the best touring buddies of all time. And of course to the Bartlett and Musto families for helping out in every conceivable way while abstaining from demanding we 'get real jobs', as soon as they realised we probably wouldn't listen anyway! 


Alas all good things come to an end and the time is right for Jodie and I to look at passing our time in different ways (and hopefully take annual leave for an actual holiday for the first time in a decade!). Thank you all so much for sharing the journey with us.  Do not fear, College Fall are not finished entirely, we are still planning to finish our third album and we might even play one last duo show in our hometown if enough Perthies are keen to have us.   We also have grand plans of getting a five piece band together to launch album three.  Either way, these plans are along way off. In the meantime, Glenn will continue to annoy y'all with emails about his solo project. 


Happy winter,

Glenn and Jodie


09 Apr 2013
Rueing another summer of regrets Rueing another summer of regrets

Fall 2013


Another sultry downunder summer is in the rearview mirror and our dreams of learning to surf or kayaking the Murray have now ended, unfulfilled. Time to board up the windows and spark the hearth in preparation for another antarctic winter. Sure, Melbourne is no Uddevalla when it comes to the big freeze, but for us it will take many more years to inure this autumn Melbourne frost.  But enough talking about the weather...  


...We've just completed our fourth long player album and now we are back on a trail

of gigs that ought to take us to your neck of the woods sometime over the next twelve months. Starting with a Festival of Fall in Melbourne this May!  Check our Shows page for all the details. The highlight being our first five piece band show (featuring Simon Bartlett on guitar, Tim Litchfield on drums and James Walton on bass!) at the Public Bar on 11 May. 


So we're not releasing the album for a little while yet, but Fraternity members will be getting a little surprise in their in-boxes very soon. And there just might be very exciting plans on the horizon for a Spring single release. 


In other news, Glenn is really cranking up his solo shows under the moniker Musto's Scrapbook - it's basically a scrapbook of old and new ideas and as an outlet to release and perform the 100 odd songs he writes every year.  Glenn has also announced he will be releasing his first album: "Scrapbook #13" this New Years Eve. To find out more head to:  www.reverbnation.com/mustosscrapbook

13 Mar 2013
Summer 2013

Summer 2013

It's been a quiet few months folks.  With Glenn splitting his time between his first solo shows and working away feverishly to finish off the production of our third record! Twelve months in the making so far, our new album is tentatively titled Lost... and why wouldn't it be, after the dissapointment of having songs stolen from our studio computer and the distraction of a European tour in mid 2012. But we are back on track and getting close to that elusive finish. For Beach Boys fans, it feels a bit like our Pet Sounds... Hopefully it doesn't end up like our Smile.  


With autumn just around the corner we are firing up the Mitsubishi, getting back into gear and gigging away, starting with an awesome show supporting our good friends

We All Want To at The Public Bar in North Melbourne. This night will be indie pop at it's absolute finest! More details on the Shows page.  

17 Oct 2012

Spring 2012

Home and fully recovered after our little euro adventure, life feels a little mundane here at College Fall HQ.  We will both be laying a little low (for our usual pace) over the next few months. Jodie is writing songs on her bijou piano inbetween saving and slaving down in scandy furniture town, while Glenn is blending his time between writing a screenplay for a new millenium version of The Love Boat and putting the final mixing touches on our new album.


We've got a couple of little gigs coming up to keep the cob-webs away (see Shows), but with no extra special touring plans, you might just have to wait until we secure a release date for our new album. More on that very soon! 

14 Aug 2012
Finland - September 2012

Finland - September 2012


Two amazing shows coming up in Suomi.


The 5th of September in Helsinki with Norma John and Parkstad


Then the 8th of September in Turku with the mighty Ben's Diapers.


Can't wait!  



Head to Shows page for full details

07 Aug 2012
Day 2 Day 2

Diary - European Tour 2012


WEEK 1  (by Glenn Musto)


wednesday 2 august - in transit

fifty eight hours, seven in flight meals, five flights, four in flight movies, three run ins with airline staff, two trains, one piece of luggage, zero energy, minus one degrees celcius and minus two musical instruments. We have arrived at our destination. sverige!  



thursday 3 august - gerlesborg

en route from stockholm, in predictable style i leave my phone charger and headphones at the best western. so i spend the next five hours fretting about how these two actions will no doubt lead to the end of the world. but not just yet, i must first be punished with fifteen gigs in fourteeen days.  we are picked up by the laconic comic (and new tribelars cajun player) martin wennerberg at the uddevalla train station and head straight to the udevalla kassetten head office and spritual enlightenment centre (ie - lars's place).  with just seconds to meet the lovely jenny qvick, martin ushered the wafting jetlag balloons out the door. on to meet kent andreasson (resident bass genius and beautiful giant) out in the boon docks, before racing off to our first gig; in gerlessborg (think margaret river with more rocks and less surf) playing to a crowd full of intellectual anti nuclear activists.  setting up in the art school, jodie got a little teary at the sight of a grand piano and i was similarly gratfeul to see our dear friend and promoter lars wallin, holding up his washburn guitar for me. no time to relapse - we've been in sweden's west all of one hour and we are playing our first gig. we tried our best to inform the crowd that australia offers the world more than 60% of it's uranium deposits. not sure how convincing we were.  post gig pizza, an ego shattering skinny dip and then filming a 'musto's scrapbook' video in front of that lovely abandoned fishing warehouse.  we were were done for the night. 


set list:      melbourne      the waving kids     bijou model     no never     we can never be friends



friday 4 august - skälebacken and uddevalla

skälebacken is a little village about tweny minutes from uddevalla. A group of close families have put on a yearly music fesitval weekend called elinorspelen on their communal farmland. it is awesome. like i imagine meredith festival (west of melbourne) was like in the early days.  we played in a barn. our first ever gig in a barn. in fact our first ever gig on a farm. the horses were ushered away and the place packed full of expectant swedes. it was a great show. one of our best. and the locals seemed to love it.  we found out a few days later, out of twenty bands that played, we were voted the best band at the festival.  our prize:  a pig (made of vegetarian friendly porcelain).  such great people and a beautiful vibe. I'd love to play their again one day. 


set list:    melbourne     all but lost     door prize     bijou model      the flood     built an empty home     perish union     we can never be friends     blankets


this break neck tour exploded to tendon shredding velocity as we motored away (leaving behind leads, sunglasses and a little part of my soul), straight back to uddevalla to play at infamous rock club Mortens Krög. we played outside in the cafe in 2009 and it was incredible. tonight we were set up in the stadium rock bar. a little more difficult for an acoustic duo to get their intimacy across from a stage that's about three metres above the head of the nearest punter... but, fuck it, we tried our damnedest!  but it was a strange vibe, like meeting the hottest girl in town then finding out she previously dated your father.  with a few tech issues rearing their ugly head, we didn't quite pull it off.  But we didn't make any enemies or cop a tubörg bottle to the face. 


set list:   all but lost    the waving kids     melbourne      door prize     bijou model     the flood     we can never be friends     built an empty home     to where you are     blankets



saturday 5 august - mora

i spent the five hours of the morning in the tour van dog box, fending off guitars and amps as martin and kent treated the highways of central sweden like their own personal silverstone. destination mora. the traditional heart of sweden. famous for dhala horses and every house looking exactly the same.  we are here to perform at the wedding of david and elin qvick. the ceremony was in a church made of limestone. a highlight was the musical saw, violin and glockenspiel combining together for a beautiful rendition of hopipolla.   the ceremony featured two very interesting local customs - one being that every time the groom leaves the room every man has to kiss the bride (and, i imagine, every woman who has the potential to find the bride sexually attractive), and vice versa. the other custom being that the family is obliged to perform a primary school style comedy skit to take the piss out of the newlyweds.  it made no sense to me but i think it was funny. perhaps you had to be there (and be swedish).   our performance was late, so i retired to recover from jetlag and played some uno with jodie and the tribelars rhythm section. the gig was great. lars killed it with his how to play didge 101 class and we threw together a mix of some of david's favourite songs of ours and some covers to keep the grannie's bootscooting. 


set list:  melbourne     door prize      bijou model      the flood      built an empty home     killing in the name    dancing in the dark     perish union    time after time    go your own way     gravity      mr brightside



sunday 6 august - stockholm

a morning walk to mosquito lake brought back fears of my year 2000 dose of ross river virus. so i retreated to the van. primed for the four hour journey to stockholm.  i love this city. i always wanted to say i played a gig in stockholm. today i finally can. the venue, engelen, is located on the foreshore of the old town, right near famous live club debaser. kalle, our sound engineer, was simply the most lovely person you could ever meet. it was a great vibe and lars and the tribe started up ripping into a killer set, including his new cracker:  rue de memoir - a song about drinking wine and mulling over your memories. upon the arrival of some familar faces and a slightly more constricted feeling to the room, we played a more sombre and introspective set. it was very us:  depressing and self depracating. the crowd loved it.   post show we walked around the island called sodermalm, looking for a party, or at least a veggie burger. exhausted within the hour, we retreated back to our lodgings; a boat, on the harbour.   a very strange night, but still, very enjoyable. 


set list:    melbourne     door prize     bijou model    to where you are     the flood      no never     work the corner    gravity      killing in the name      perish union     we can never be friends      blankets


monday 7 august - stockholm

sleeping on boats doesn't agree with me. so i got up early and wrote this diary. then we spent the day walking around sodermalm. godfather lars had planned out a perfect day involving the very best this town has to offer: the best gelato, the best record store; pet sounds, the best restaurant; hermans vegetarian restaurant, the best chocolate. and to my immense satisfaction, the best outdoor hammocks. i spent a good three hours on that swinging cloth, drifting in and out of jetlag and reading zen and the art of motrocycle maintenance. i think my life changed forever in those one hundred and eighty minutes. philosophy and jetlag are a lethal combination. with no show tonight we made the late night drive back to uddevalla, allowing me more time to contemplate the definition of quality and to understand the level to which i am truly insane.  



tuesday 8 august - göteborg

today we played göteborg. sweden's gritty rock and roll city. it was an amazing venue; henriksberg. on the fourth floor of an incredible art deco building looking over the harbour. the night is put on by local luminary eddie wheeler and was choc full of lovely people interested in australia. our show certainly doesn't offer the audience the quintessential nature of the country we happened to be born in. but in a way that's what australia is all about and they seemed to really enjoy it.  our set was compromised by my pedal board having a missing power converter (aus to europe) which admittedly left me flustered and angry pre show - at myself more than anything - i've got to stop fucking losing things!!   but it wasn't entirely my fault - stockholm intoxicated me...  but we powered on. jodie was brilliant tonight. funny as fuck. post gig, feeling the effects of such a heavy schedule; the jetlag was being taken over by some bitter flu demon.  the tribe played after us and nailed it with an explosion of post punk rootsy didge mania, their best show of the tour so far. 


set list:    bijou model      the flood        door prize      work the corner        built an empty home       perish union


07 Jul 2012
europa here we come europa here we come

european tour - august


we are thrilled to announce that college fall are performing alongside sweden's folk punk didge king lars wallin,  this august, throughout sweden, denmark and france.  it's our first international tour since 2009 and boy we have really missed you all!  



this time we will finally

win  our  scandinavian

grand slam,  taking in

some  extra  shows in

finland  and  our first

ever  trip  to  norway.

we will also be celebrating

the european release of our

sophomore album the curse of us,

which will be available at all shows. 



for full gig details click on shows.  


and if you get a chance, click on lars wallin

and check out his great music!  (including the

track victoria, featuring jodie lee's pipes and

musto's trigger finger). 


special thanks go out to: lars wallin,

swedish/australian friendship society

fergus dignan, mikko lappalainen

& teemu hokkanen, without whom we'd 

be freezing all winter in the antarctic

11 Jun 2012
jodie lee, managing the worlds largest and stupidly elaborate production notes jodie lee, managing the worlds largest and stupidly elaborate production notes

recording session

college fall's recording session
at sing sing studios february 2012
with/ glenn, jodie, cam, brendan,
anna, jadrian and jakub


Jodie Lee

jodie, in nord love


Musto, sneaking a look at Cam's bass finger to make sure he's playing the right guitar chordmusto, sneaking a look at cam's bass finger to make sure he's playing the right guitar chord


Cam, blissfully Grinding away on his dulcet bass

brendan, gradually slipping insane as the click track bashes in his ears, notice tee shirt super mario, ready to jump in on the ride cymbal if diz ever misses a beat.


Brendan, gradually slipping insane as the click track bashes in his ears, notice tee shirt Super Mario, ready to jump in on the Ride cymbal if Diz ever misses a beat.

cam, blissfully grinding away on his dulcet bass




Team fall, trying to decide if they would eat their own excrement every day if told it was the only known cure for Cancer

team fall, trying to decide if they would eat their own excrement every day if told it was the only known cure for cancer


Never play in a band with a couple.

 never play in a band with a couple.














Anna, asking Siri on her phone: "why did I ever got involved with these libertines

anna, asking siri on her phone: "why did I ever got involved with these libertines"






photos by kelli morris photography: www.kellimorris.com.au